Almost Dead

It happened in a split second. My grandma and I were traveling home in a three-wheeled rickshaw after a gratifying half-day at the mall. A scooter (or a moped as some people call it), rushed by our right, trying to overtake our vehicle and with the wrong flick of a wrist, ran over the road divider, turning out of control and crashing into a truck on the opposite side, missing our vehicle by a few inches. The boy and the older man flew out towards us and the boy was knocked unconscious and the man, still conscious, was lying rigid and couldn’t make a sound. People gathered within seconds and the ambulance was called. We had to leave because we were blocking the traffic and they already had too many people surrounding them but I was left with the haunting memories of their bodies, lying lifeless, in front of us.

When confronted with such a situation, we are bound to wonder why we do all we do. In the battle of living versus dying, all our problems pale in comparison. We spend so much time and efforts on things that will never really amount to much when we die. But the minute the thought of our mortality leaves us, we go back to our lives, doing the same old.

Maybe I’m still shocked.

Or maybe the huge philosophical questions plaguing me are ones that we should live with. Everyday.

If tomorrow never came… what would I regret?

If tomorrow never came… what would bring me peace?

If tomorrow never came… what would I change?


  1. We are creatures of habit and we do forget that each day is a gift but yet we disregard life and death and are reminded of it when we see such accidents that make our daily life look drab and uninspiring.


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