(Un)Finished Business

Works for me!
Works for me!

We always have a tendency to want to ‘close the gap’. To finish what we started. To wrap things up with a little bow on it. Well, most of us do anyways, even if it’s just to avoid that nagging sensation in the back of your head telling you that you have to do something.

But is it worth finishing a 600 page book just because you started it? It is worth finishing a really horrible tasting meal just because you ordered it? Is it really worth pursuing a friendship just because you invested a few days (months, years…) into it? When you know the person just isn’t worth it?

Sometimes the true test of character is knowing when to bail.

And FYI, I’m as horrible as you can be in this disconnecting and leaving things unfinished bit. It’s just against the grain of what I’m made of. I have to diligently practice saying ‘no’ and being firm because I’m always worried about how the other person will feel. But if the person is worthwhile, they’ll respect you for making decisions and if the person just wants to use you, they will leave you alone. A win-win if there ever was one!


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