<3 Quotes Girl Here <3

I’ve been looking at my past posts and realization dawned on me…I’ve become that ‘quotes girl’ writing that ‘blog filled with (admittedly, pretty awesome) quotes’…

At first I thought, ‘do I no longer have original thought?’ Possible, I confessed.

Perhaps I need other people’s words to express what I feel.

Maybe these quotes make a difference in my life so I hope, by sharing them, they can do the same for you.

It’s possible that I love them because a quote is like an essence, distilled from raw thought. It speaks magnitudes in as few words as possible. Concise and always hitting the right notes.

It’s concievably because I believe a quote is like a springboard. You read a quote and it can spring you into conversation and exploration. A perfect party starter (for your brain, of course; unless you like to speak deep at parties).

Most importantly, a quote is like a jewel, polished by years of experience. And a smart girl refuses to let her jewels go, especially her diamonds. So sparkle and shine dear readers, with jewels of wisdom from the greats of the world!

xoxo ❤

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