Curiosity Not judgment

The shackles of having intelligence and a voice is having a predisposition for judgment. Judgment that can cloud experience. As we grow older, the predisposition sort of becomes a habit. Just like Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada, we stop giving people a chance at making an impression. As the characters in the movie are afraid of Ms. Priestly’s deathly glare and the pursing of her lips, there are people whom you want to avoid just so you won’t be summed up into an adjective or a verb.

Maybe it’s my blatant optimism (or low IQ :P) but somehow, I’ve kept my judgmental side under siege. It’s not easy because there are people who I’d rather steer clear of. But, I always remember that just as I change and learn and grow, others do too… It’s worth giving them a chance to express that, even if every judgmental bone in my body is screaming otherwise.

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