Got Originality?

Be original… how?

I often find myself wondering what originality is and how it can be attained. Not only that, who is the authority on what’s original? Or is it the collective conscience that decides? If we somehow magically know that something is original, like knowing when we’re in love, can it be created? Can it be developed?

How do we remove all the stored content in our brains to bring out our originality? Worse yet, what if, due to living in routine, originality has become an elusive quality that only the socially segregated individuals have a chance at attaining? After all, most seemingly ‘original’ ideas have been created by the socially marginalized (whether of their own accord or not).

Many teachers say that to learn something, you have to learn from the masters. In other words, we have to copy from the ‘greats’ to develop greatness/ skill. That’s duplication. The opposite of originality. It’s not only that, every mannerism, right down to the way we hold ourselves (our body language) is learnt from our surroundings. That’s again not were looking for.

An outcast might not develop these qualities, but the chance of the outcast contributing something original and of value becomes infinitesimally small as they are not accommodated to the concerns of the modern society.

So, what is it then? A gift? Well, I refuse that. Everything in the world is attainable. Then, how?

When I really start to break down ideas and their development, one things starts to appear. It’s kind of like a short circuit. Like a spark of lightening that comes after elongated periods of contemplating and playing with problems/ thoughts. Perhaps that’s what originality truly is… a result of persistence and perusal. The result of hammering at a problem for extended stretches of time.

What do you think?

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