Audacity of Hope

To Hope!

Obama is re-elected!

Another political blog entry? Nope! You may heave a sigh of relief. This blog isn’t about what’s right and wrong with the world. It’s about imagery. Intrigued? Read on…

Why did Obama win? The answer might be in the title of his book The Audacity of Hope. Hope is eternal. It is what sustains this world. It’s what sustains humanity. It’s our trust that there is something better, something bigger, more worthwhile.

You can’t beat a figure that aligns itself with the word. It’s what the prophets have done in the past. It’s what every leader hopes to do in the future.

I had wagered that it would take a colossal campaign to beat hope. A stronger emotion than hope? Perhaps, love. I doubt the Republicans could spin a campaign on love. Politics does hate better than love and hate is definately not the right ball to play in 2012. So, hope wins. As it should.

I for one can only hope that human hope is strong enough. Strong enough to bring the world and it’s people into times of true equal-opportunity, intellectual success and happiness. Strong enough to pass on the gift of hope to future generations. And the generations thereafter…



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