Busy vs Productive

Busy is not productive.

When I’m consistently doing something all day, I go to bed at night supposing I’ve been super productive. Active? Definitely. But productive… Umm…

‘Did I really spend two hours on looking up latin phrases?’ Yes I did. ‘Was that really important?’ I won’t use it. So, not really. Actually, no.

Judging by experience, not everything unproductive is bad and not everything productive is critical in the larger scheme of things. However, spending time doing the relatively fruitless is the bane of the modern existence. With all the distractions, it’s hard not to (did I mention it’s fun?!).

So, what’s a girl to do? Schedule everything? Become a robot? Schedule some wandering into the schedule so I’m not surprised? Ban technology? Become a hermit?

I’ll settle for going to the gym now and let you decide…

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