Heroine? Villain?

I just watched the Bollywood movie Heroine. After I got over it’s resemblance to Fashion and fast forwarded through the item numbers, I realised what the movie was doing. It was giving people what they want to believe about the film industry. It was a fish lens’ view of an industry that employs millions. It was a blasé story of an industry that launches a million dreams and makes legends.

I’m not a critic. In fact, I spent the entirety of the movie looking for what works. It could have been a woman-centric film with potential for great acting and characterization (an actor’s treat). It ended up being a let-down with one dimensional characterizations and clichés. The film industry makes heroes of businessmen, sportsmen and politicians. But when it comes to it’s own heroes and heroines, they become stick figure stereotypes doomed for dramatic failure.

Is it too much to ask for a balance? Is it too much to ask for truth? Maybe it won’t translate into box office gold. But knowing some of the people who work in films, maybe it will…

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