You’re Awesome. Can I Puke Now?

Killing With Kindness.

Heard of that phrase? Here’s a story.

I was approaching my sixth hour of battle with not eating anything outside when my mama insisted he wanted a milkshake. So we went to this random ice cream parlor (I love the term parlor for some reason) on our way back home. This place looked good enough. ‘How can they mess up a vanilla milkshake anyway?’ I argued.

We walked in and were greeted by a super enthusiastic guy. He eagerly made our milkshakes. He asked about the weather. He made sure we were absolutely comfortable in his time-marked plastic chairs (we were, I assured him). It was great customer service 101.

After about ten minutes, he presented us with the milk and vanilla byproduct, mentioning the fact that we would really love it. I had a sip.
‘Oh, gosh.’  I told myself. It was a sugar avalanche. All I could taste was sugar and more sugar. No vanilla. Just sugar.
I wanted to barf.
Meanwhile, the shopkeeper was staring at us expectantly, hoping we’ll nod with admiration. I nodded alright, along with two thumbs up.
‘He’s so nice,’ I told myself. ‘Just suck it up, Shilpa!’
I did just that. I’m sure many taste buds were compromised in the process.
During the 2-minute process, he asked about the beverage several times and we happily applauded his creation, cursing internally. Now we’d have to pay. Yippie!
Pay we did. It was beyond overpriced. He killed us with his kindness and great service.
MORAL OF THE STORY: Be nice. It might save you from angry customers.

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