Diamond Mining

Diamond in the Rough
Diamond in the Rough

My cousins and I were were in a full-blown discussion about our relatives, friends & neighbors (pretty much everyone we have in common) and I recognized that, often, we would use the worst features to illustrate those individuals.

Remember that tall and gawky one? The anorexic one? The cock-eyed one? The one with the screechy voice? The fat one?

I wondered. Why do we do that? Is it to make ourselves feel better? To satisfy our ego? To put ourselves at a position of control? Or is it out of conditioning? To travel the road of least resistence? To see the fluff rather than to observe the core?

How would it be to break the cycle?  It would be interesting to pointedly observe the good. A personality development challenge of sorts. If I do that, I reason with myself, I’ll be like a diamond miner. Chances are, I’ll probably get rich doing it!

(I’ll update you in a week how it turns out <3)


  1. Good one Shilpa. As a simple logic, if we mine for good either we will not get it or if we get it would be good. As for the reasoning of why we look for the bad, one reason has been suggested by poet Kabir–in Hindi–“Bura jo dekhan main chala, bura na miliya koi, jo man dekho aapana, mujhsa bura na koi”.


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