An Open Letter to Indian News Channels

Dear Indian News Channels,

News is non-fiction.
Baseless gossip is not news. 
Repetition unto death is not (bearable) news. 
Sensationalism achieved partly by dramatic music with flashing screens is not news (and bad for the eyes). 
Thirty minute recaps of hit shows and soap operas with added commentary is not news.
Fake controversies are not news.
Fake celebrity feuds are not news (or maybe it is… I’m not a 100% sure on that one).
Fake supernatural events are definitely not news. 
Cricket isn’t the only sport in the world. Cricketers are not demi-gods. They can lose a game or two, once in a while. Just saying. 
Why is the woman in the sports news reporting team always so uninformed? That’s just plain wrong. 
News with opinion and agenda is not fair to unsuspecting masses. 
Objective reporting allows people to think for themselves. That’s a good thing!
TRP is not as important as our future. Surprisingly.
Creating news is not the same are reporting news.
Thank you.

Concerned & Psyched-Out Individual

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