It Don’t Mean Nothing at All


Does climactic music play in your head whenever you seemingly hit another ‘success’ mark set by society? 
Do you feel happy when you lose a dress size? Or horrified when someone gives you advice on how to lose weight?
Does the stock market’s success determine how you will treat your family today?
Well… you and everyone else. 
I know that from the moment I was born, through different types of conditioning, I have developed sensory reactions to daily events. I have developed situation-dependent emotions (kind of like Pavlov’s poor dog). I have been developed into yet another clone of a human being conditioned to feel that I am in a unique situation.
‘So where the smack does that leave me?’ one might ask.
‘Nowhere,’ would come the prompt reply.
‘But then, what’s the point of living?’ one might persist.
‘The point is what you make of it,’ the philosophical smart aleck part of one’s brain might reply.
What you do or don’t do today will mostly effect you, marginally affect the people around you and create a web of reactions in the near and distant future. But the brilliant realization here is that even though you may have a price to pay for things you’ve done, you’ll have to pay a much much higher price for what you’ve missed out on. 
My grandma always tells me to keep my vision crystal clear because what seems critical at the moment fades from memory years later, remaining, and rightly so, just a blip on the radar. Today, she says, if she got a chance to change things, she would make sure that she would live by her own rules instead of taking the insecurities and insincerities of others seriously. If she could do it all over again. She would play more, laugh more and in general… well… live more… 
Because, she concludes, most things don’t mean anything at all.
So whenever I feel that catatonic events are about of unfold, I think to myself:
I can decide how I will live my life today. I can change my reality and laugh and play and have more fun than ever. I can jump off cliffs and smart talk my way into someone’s company. I can love freely, breathe deeply, give whole-heartedly and eat until my jeans don’t fit. I can decide to play a game, win a bet and challenge anyone in sight. I can fall down and get up and decide that falling down was more fun anyway. 
I can do all that and more…
Knowing that, if it all goes haywire…

It don’t mean nothing at all.

Say it with me folks: It don’t mean nothing at all!

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