Common ground


Being a part of the entertainment industry, I am often overwhelmed by how cinema or the world of moving pictures evolved and how it transformed from being a rare, privileged event to a brain food. Now with the explosion of the net, it’s safe to say that cinema and every form of entertainment has become common grounds for people to interact.

Even if you have nothing in common with the person across the street, chances are that they keep up with what’s going on with Shah Rukh Khan or Brad Pitt.

As I was watching the 83rd Academy Awards, which by the way, was one of the best I’ve seen so far, I realized how far the reach of cinema really is.

In art school, the minute the oscars are given, we have full blown discussions about worthy and unworthy winners and nominees in ninety percent of the classes, the other ten are probably concerned with testing or something serious like that. Watching the Oscars (or the Filmfare Awards in India) is a part of ‘things that everyone does’ and keeping up with the wardrobe is a part of ‘OMG! No she didn’t!’ conversations in the cafeteria.

Often times, when I am facing the daunting event of public speaking, ramp walking or acting, I spiral into my fears of messing up. Of letting me and the people who believe in me down.

But what I realize now is that I’m a part of the machine that creates common ground.

I realize that my tripping on the runway (ouch!) becomes fodder for those two strangers across the street who are just starting to unravel each others lives and experiences.

I realize that my ‘that can’t be real!’ image can transition into, perhaps, lasting relationships between two individuals.

And even if my ego takes a dive every time I mess up (or gets on a high when I ‘make it work’- shout out to Tim Gunn), I know I’m doing one thing… I’m creating conversation…creating a means for people to break the ice…creating communication…

I’m creating common ground…

Today, I feel that blogging, youtube-ing and facebook-ing etc. are doing the same things for, oh, i don’t know, your neighbor with 14 cats, a dog and a horse, who happens to have great stories to tell. She can now write about her experiences and touch people who are perhaps in a remote village in China. She can film her cats doing synchronized dance moves in the swimming pool (DISCLAIMER: the author of this blog does not support such actions, she’s just elaborating a point) and have a million hits on YouTube. Or she can become an overnight pop sensation by letting her inner Justin Bieber shine.

The whole while, she’s creating a base for conversations and debates…she’s creating common ground…

The point is, it’s easier to create common ground today than ever before.

And I can think of no better way than to start by commenting on this blog! 🙂

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