It’s Not the Curse but the Power You Give the Curse

Believe. It.

I just watched Penelope, for the third time, and realized what a gem of a movie it is, for the third time. It says so much without screaming at the top of its lungs. It teaches you things without the professor’s condescending tone. Without ‘ehem…and the moral of the story was…’.

It’s simple without being simplistic.
It’s perfect storytelling because its sublime in it’s messaging.
With the exceptional acting, fantastic set design and spiffy storytelling, it’s a treat for the mind and heart.
But what really takes the cake is the note it ends on. When that oh-so cute boy says, ‘It’s not the curse but the power you give the curse’.
So. Very.
I can think of about a zillion things that could be better if we didn’t stop feeding into it. In fact, there really isn’t a problem in the world that we don’t secretly feed.
Whatever we hate, we empower.
We don’t like war. Well, lets go and make trillions of dollars in investment so we can defend ourselves. Right.
We don’t like famine. Let’s go ahead and kill the plantations that feed us. For buildings. And while we’re at it, let’s starve the farmer. That will really get things going.
We don’t like discrimination. Let’s watch TMZ (sorry Perez, you’re really cool and all).
If only we could learn our lesson. We just did, right? But the matter is simple. We will go back tomorrow feeding into the things that make us unhappy too. We’ll go and tell ourselves that we don’t like our jobs, but do it anyway. We will go and eat that chocolate cake, after we’ve paid an arm and a leg for that platinum gym membership (with the spa and salon of course). And we’ll complain about the society, even though we are not a part of any of it’s initiatives. We’ll tell others that their nose is too big for their face when all we really want is someone to love us and accept us just the way we are…
Maybe we will.
But maybe we won’t.

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